Downing Street defends Brexit deal as Trump says obstructs US-UK trade

“We want to do trade with the U.K. and they want to do trade with us, (but) to be honest under certain aspects of the deal, you can’t do it,” Trump said in the radio interview on Thursday.

“We can’t make a trade deal with the U.K., and we can do many times the numbers we’re doing now and certainly much bigger numbers than you’re doing under the European Union. Your trade with us could be four to five times higher than it is right now — that would make your country much bigger economically, (but) you’re being held back by the European Union.”

Responding to Trump’s claims, a spokesperson for the prime minister’s office told the BBC that Johnson’s Brexit deal “ensures that we take back control of our laws, trade, borders and money.”

“We know the deal enables us to secure deals with a range of growing economies (and) we’ll be setting out to do that,” he said, adding that talks with U.S. officials about a trade deal had so far been positive.

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